This is the place where I probably find out how much I suck as a writer.


To all the lovers of the celluloid, silver screen and torrents,

Yes, I get it- blogs about film reviews are done to death. Tumblr is so much better at this. And no one especially wants to read an amateur writer’s irrelevant opinions on films that few people take the trouble to watch.


So I can understand your confusion as to why I would continue to do when all of the above is true in my case. But I plan to save the world from bad films by recommending the good ones that I have seen. Too purist and dramatic?


Yeah, I take it back.

I just want to recommend the good films- in the hope that they will get more recognition and in return I get your recommendations too! Sound sweet?

P.S. Even though this is really just a college assignment, I hope that you pay at least a little bit more attention by sharing the blog posts- even if you may not read it yourself.

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