A 14 year old killed a grown man. What have you done with your life?



DIRECTOR: Zeresenay Berhane

CAST: Mernon Getnet, Tizita Hagere

PRODUCER: Angelina Jolie

Set against the backdrop of the tradition of abducting women for marriage, Difret is an Ethiopian film that talks about the injustice the women face in a society conditioned in a patriarchal mindset.

It follows the trial of 14 year old Hirut, who kills her abductor in order to defend herself and go back home. This is an important film as it chronicles the case that set the legal-precedent of criminalising the abduction of child brides in Ethiopia.

Although a film based in a different country, it is highly relevant given the current scenario of women in India.

The film is understated in its production design and high on emotions and drama. However, the flow of the film was weak and abrupt in some places. The story also ended predictably, given that the case was in the young protagonist’s favour- inspite of the obstacles. But at the very end of the film, when the protagonist Hirut, decides to choose her own path in life- it serves as powerful message that puts across the themes of justice, gender equality and right to freedom effectively.

Everyone who believes in feminism should not miss out on this heart-touching film.

Watch the trailer if you need a more compelling reason to watch this film: