The Spanish version of Rang De Basanti, except all the protaganists are (maybe) stoned- so they don’t do much.


DIRECTOR: Alonso Ruiz Palacios

CAST: Tenoch Huerta, Leornado Ortizgris

Set against the backdrop of student riots, Gueros is a Mexican film about three young boys who take a road trip to meet their idol when they learn of his last days. The experiences that they encounter, forms the rest of the film.

The film is aesthetic and shot in monochrome, a change from the usual technicolor films of today. The script is well-written and random, making the outcome of the film slightly unpredictable. The humourous undertone present throughout the film highlights the satirical comment that the director is trying to make. The performances of the cast are fresh and natural, and the characters are relatable. The concept of dealing with conflicts by not actually confronting them is brought about in a different and unusual way.

However, the director leaves many things open to the interpretation of the audience, making the story vague for people who expect more clarity.

A must-watch film, it amplifies this quote from the film:

To be young and not a revolutionary is a contradiction.

Presenting to you, the trailer of Gueros: